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Duck after surgery Adopting an exotic animal can open exciting new possibilities for pet owners, but it can also create some new challenges, including the need to provide adequate medical care for your unusual new friend. Whether you own a reptile, bird, rodent, rabbit, or other exotic pet, our veterinary team can provide a number of important health and wellness services to help him thrive.

Diagnostic Services

Evey pet, exotic or otherwise, can benefit from veterinary diagnostic services from time to time, whether he just needs a checkup or faces a medical emergency. Dr. Natasha Anderson can recognize the telltale signs of many exotic animal illnesses and injuries. We can confirm those initial impressions through diagnostic imaging, laboratory testing, weighing, and other procedures. Periodic wellness exams allow us to administer diagnostic tests preemptively, catching problems in their earliest stages.

General Medical Services

Exotic animals can benefit greatly from our skilled general medical services. We routinely give vaccinations, medications to ward off pests and parasites, and antibiotics, antiviral, or antifungal products to treat illnesses and infections. We also offer molar trimming and other dental services for small mammals. Our veterinary team is skilled in internal medicine, cancer care, dermatology, and emergency injury treatment techniques.

Surgical Services

Exotic animals may occasionally require surgery, just as conventional pets (or people) do. Fortunately, you can rely on your experienced exotic animal veterinarian at our clinic to provide this important and wide-ranging form of care. Surgery options include internal surgery to treat damaged or diseased tissues, exploratory surgery to confirm a diagnosis, orthopedic surgery to repair damaged bones or joints, and emergency surgery to cope with life-threatening situations. Even a healthy exotic pet may benefit from preventative surgery such as spaying or neutering.

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From routine care to emergency surgery, you can trust our veterinary team at Anderson Exotic Veterinary Care as your go-to exotic animal experts. Contact 800-462-8749 our clinic today to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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